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Brake adjustments. Derailleur adjustments. Derailleur Hanger alignment. Hub adjustments. Headset adjustment. Bottom Bracket adjustment. Wheel Truing. Lubricate chain, shift and brake cable system. Safety Inspection. Complete Wipe Down of Frame and Fork. Inflate tires to proper pressure. Additional parts cost as needed.
Our wheel builders have built hundreds of wheels. All wheels are laced using Wheelsmith brand thread lock to ensure longer life. All wheelsets are hand stressed to minimize any spoke wind-up. Park tension gauge for proper tension.
Developed from years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and found only at Specialized dealers, like us, BG FIT (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology) is a comprehensive fitting system created to help cyclists like you ride faster, longer and in complete comfort, while reducing your chances of injury. We use the system's latest technology to ensure a precise fit based on your exact measurements. We incorporate your athletic and cycling background, height, flexibility and inseam to determine specific vertical and horizontal coordinates. And, a great thing about the BG FIT is that we can provide a thorough, cutting-edge, expert fit in a short amount of time. Book an appointment with us simply by ordering a BG Fit from our web site. One of our Certified BG Fit experts will contact you within hours of your purchase. At that point, a day and time suitable for both parties will be decided as well as the start of a conversation regarding your unique situation. Due to Covid restriction we are now doing all Bike Fit's at our Walnut Creek location.
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