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Oak Grove Bicycle Performance Center Lactate Threshold Test

Oak Grove Bicycle Performance Center Lactate Threshold Test
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Performance-based services offered by professional coach, Matt Larson (USA Cycling Level 2 Coach), will help you to achieve maximal performance.

Why do a Lactate Threshold performance test? There are three primary reasons to have an OBJECTIVE measurement of your fitness: 1) to be able to develop training zones (heart rate, wattage) that are personalized to your body, 2) to have a benchmark of your own fitness at a particular point in time (e.g., peak season), and 3) to have an objective means to compare yourself to your peers (e.g., Masters, Women, Cat 4’s, etc).
Each of these reasons is important, but all of them pale in comparison to the fourth reason…..being able to compare your own performance over time.

The Lactate Threshold performance tests measures your heart rate and blood lactate levels while you pedal your bike which is placed on a special trainer (Computrainer) in which the amount of pedal pressure you exert is controlled by the tester. Through this method, your current level of fitness and objectively based heart rate and power training zones can be developed.

One of the main measures the LT test generates is the famous (in the cycling world) “Watts/kilogram (of body weight) at Lactate Threshold.” This power/weight ratio is the one that is used at every level of the sport, and when people say that, for example, a pro climbed Mt Diablo "at 6.4 w/kg” they are referring to this very measurement from this test.

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