Pro Bicycle Boxing and Shipping Service

What It Costs

  • We use the smallest box possible which saves money on shipping
  • We can ship your bike for you! Just drop it off! We'll call you once its ready to ship and handle the charge over the phone.
  • Boxing takes place at our Concord Warehouse location but bikes can be dropped off at any of our stores.

Full Bike Boxing = $80 (box included)

Shipping Via FedEx = Varies

Bike Box = $15

*Only at our Concord warehouse location. For those that want to do it yourselves. Special packaging included.

What we do

We recommend always taking a bicycle along on vacations. That way, when your significant other is swapping stories with long-lost high-school chums, you can be riding! Plus, you won’t worry about all those calorie-rich meals if your exercise machine is ready and waiting.

For driving trips, it’s easy to carry the bike on a vehicle rack. When you fly, however, you must box your bike to meet airline requirements and because it’s the best way to safeguard it. Once boxed, you can check the bicycle as luggage and take it with you so it arrives when you do. The airlines usually charge a fee for bicycles, so be prepared by checking with your carrier beforehand.

To avoid this fee and the hassle of checking in with your bike, an alternative is shipping it via United Parcel Service (UPS). We have a UPS account and can ship it for you if desired.

Whether you fly with your bike or ship it to your vacation destination, you’ll need to partially disassemble it and box it. That's where we come in.

Below are the steps we'll take to make sure your bike gets to where it needs to be in one piece:

Bicycle Boxing and Shipping

Step #1

Remove the pedals, seat, and seat post.

Step #2

Create cable slack.

Step #3

Remove the front brake. If you have a road bike with sidepull brakes, we'll remove the front brake from the fork.

Step #4

Remove the handlebars.

Step #5

Remove the front wheel.

Step #6

Tie the bike & wheel together.

Step #7

Position the handlebars.

Step #8

Box it & shop it!