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Bike Suspension Services


In House Suspension Service

Bicycle suspension technology continues to evolve to provide you with more and more features that allow you to get the most out of your ride.  As technology evolves, we’ve made sure to stay in front of the curve when it comes to servicing even the most advanced suspension.  We offer everything from oil and dust seal changes to complete damper overhauls, as well as customizing your oil volume/viscosity and spring rate to make sure your shocks work exactly the way you want them to.

Why Does Suspension Fork and Shock Maintenance Matter?

Mountain bike shocks are more complicated than they may seem.  They use oil and small, intricate valves to regulate the speed that the fork cycles.  This means that any contamination by dirt, water, or cleaning products will cause your suspension performance to suffer.  This oil also acts as a lubricant to keep everything moving smoothly, if your suspension oil has become contaminated with dirt, it can actually act as an abrasive and begin to wear down the protective coating on your shock.  Annual maintenance is essential to keep your suspension working like it did the first time, for a long time.

How Often Should I Have my Suspension Serviced?

Simple things such as wiping down your fork and rear shock before every ride is a great way to start taking care of your suspension.  Beyond that, most major manufacturers recommend replacing dust seals and giving your shock an oil change every 100 hours, or annually.  Remember, the dust seals do just that, and when they begin to fail, they begin to let dirt into the shock.  This dirt then begins to wear off the protective coating on your shock or fork and also starts to clog the tiny valves in the damper, reducing performance and eventually leading to failure of the shock.