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Sigma BC 8.0 WL Bike Computer

Sigma BC 8.0 WL Bike Computer
  • Color: Black
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On holiday or riding to work or school, the BC 8.0 WL is the advanced gateway to the world of Sigma bike computers. The compact, durable bike ride companion features the eight most important functions. In addition to current speed, the wireless BC 8.0 WL displays the average speed and total ride time. The large button makes it easy to toggle between clock, ride time, trip distance, and total distance.

- On a weekend bike ride with the family or commuting to work, the BC 8.0 WL features the eight essential functions: trip distance, speed, total distance, trip time, clock, total trip time, average speed, and average speed comparison
- A special feature of the BC 8.0 WL is its continuous comparison between current and average speeds which is displayed with an arrow: If the arrow is pointing up, the cyclist is faster than their average, if it is pointing down, they are slower, and when riding at approximately average speed, no arrow is displayed
- The wireless (WL) encoded transmission Sigma has developed eliminates the need for cables – a wireless transmitter on the fork continuously measures and transmits bicycle speed without interference to the BC 8.0 WL's receiver
- The BC 8.0 WL's 31 x 39 mm display is just the right size to give cyclists a perfect overview of their data – its large numbers make it easy to read, even during a ride
- The BC 8.0 WL is water-resistant and weatherproof, so it can be used at any time
- The integrated, replaceable button battery (CR 2032) is sufficient to supply the BC 8.0 WL with energy for well over two years
- The BC 8.0 WL measures trip time and distance for long bike tours, making it convenient to read the entire distance of a multi-day biking trip
- The BC 8.0 WL's handlebar bracket and speed sensor can be mounted quickly on the bike with cable ties (included)